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Welcome to InnerCore Medical

InnerCore Medical, Ltd. is a clinical-stage medical device company focused on developing and commercializing a Next Generation Mitral Valve Surgical Repair Device aiming to ease the

procedure, increase its accessibility and reduce related risks.

Shorter, Easier,

More Reliable and Safer procedures


Surgery, repair or replacement is the only proven efficient therapeutic option for patients with severe Mitral Regurgitation (MR).

Repair offers better event free survival, and patients live longer with a better quality of life. All of the medical Societies recommend Mitral valve repair whenever feasible.

Mitral valve repair also results in significantly lower total medical costs compared with biologic or mechanical valve replacement.

The problem is that a small percentage of surgeons are experienced enough to do MR repair and around 50% of patients are having their valve replaced.




Mitral Valve Correction Plus (MVC+) was developed to: 

*            Allow repairing the most challenging cases rather than replacing valves 

*            Allow minimally invasive repair to be performed in a comfortable way  

*            Eliminate MR during the initial repair  

*            Minimize the Learning Curve  

*            Reduce the Surgical Risks

InnerCore Medical is in the midst of raising funds in its quest to rapidly get to market 


Join us today in our journey for creating an improved quality of life for these patients